Here you can browse the Mary Washington College Scrapbooks of the 1960s. Mouse over the Browse tab to see the drop-down menu. In the drop-down menu, feel free to choose Items, Collections, or Exhibitions based on how you would like the find or view the Scrapbook pages.

Under Items, you can view each individual page of the scrapbooks. While on the Browse All tab, you can sort by title, creator, or date added. You can also select the Browse by Tag tab at the top of the page to view all of the individual tags assigned to the Scrapbook pages. For a more specific search field, select the Search Items tab. Here you can search by keyword, specific field, or other kinds of data.

Mouse over Collections for the most efficient way to view the scrapbooks. On the Browse Collections page, select the title of the scrapbook that you wish to view. This option will take you to an interactive BookReader, where you can flip though the pages like you really have it in front of you! In addition to the BookReader, you can view the information for the whole scrapbook as well as link each of the individual pages for that scrapbook.

Finally, mouse over Exhibits to see our group’s interpretation of the four scrapbooks as a whole.